Police are investigating the appearance of bullets at two schools in Eivissa

The National Police of Eivissa are investigating the appearance of pistol bullets at two schools in Eivissa during this week. Moreover, a college of the University of the Balearic Islands also reported that similar bullets had been found “on the stairs” of the campus. Apparently they are all very similar to those found inside a NATO bag with a threatening, anonymous handwritten note found at the premises of the Prensa Pitiusa group.

In the latter case about fifteen nine-millimeter calibre bullets, of the sort used in semi-automatic pistols by members of the state security services, was accompanied by another larger bullet, thought to be a rifle bullet.

In the anonymous letter very serious threats were made against the current headquarters of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB), located in the old building of the Military Command, and appear to be connected to the murder of a squatter committed in 2007.

The note is hand written with major spelling mistakes, which appear to be intentional, and surrounded by a frame with the red and yellow colours of the flag of Spain. The gist of it is that the author wants recovery of the Comandancia Militar and the Sa Coma barracks: “Be warned! We want to recover our Comandancia Militar (UIB) and our Sa Coma headquarters, or we’ll assassinate the occupants with a headshot. That’s why we murdered the destitute ‘squatter’ in the Comandancia. Compulsory conscription. Death to the separatists. A strong and united Spain. Long live Franco!!!”

In October 2012 the old building of the Military Command, at No.1 calle del Calvari de Vila at the foot of the city walls, became the headquarters of the Universitat de les Illes Balears on the island, while the former Sa Coma military barracks now houses part of the facilities of the Directorate-General of Civil Emergències and Civil Protection.

With regard to the murder referred to in the anonymous letter, the only crime that has been committed at the headquarters of the Comandancia was that of a homeless Romanian who was found dead in 2007, shot in the eye, a crime that still remains unsolved.

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