Policeman arrested for attempted sexual abuse had previous

A man was arrested last week after attempting to force a woman into his car and abuse her. The incident occurred on the Avenida España, in the centre of Vila. The man was apparently masturbating in his vehicle, but that was not the end of the matter; he then started chasing his victim who was walking down the street and tried to force her into his car with the intention of sexually abusing her. The woman, however, fought back and managed to escape her pursuer who was then arrested by the National Police.

According to municipal sources, the man is a member of the Policía Local in Eivissa, and has already spent several months of his employment suspended without pay for acts of a similar nature in the past.

Apparently, the subject is known within the force for his somewhat strange behaviour. The first time he was suspended from his employment as a policeman was when he was caught masturbating in a patrol car. Since then the man has been arrested for several similar incidents and is already known by the courts for this type of behaviour.

He is a recurrent offender and has already been arrested for indecent exposure on other occasions, specifically, for masturbating inside his vehicle in the street, said prosecution sources. The case will be heard in Criminal Court 2 on Wednesday, January 21st.

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