The future Government will be at the mercy of post-electoral pacts in Parliament

All to play for… With just three months to the upcoming regional elections, the Balearic political landscape is not at all clear. No ideological bloc facing the electorate can guarantee to achieve a majority in Parliament.

This is clear from the survey conducted by the Balearic Institute of Social Studies (IBES), which gives a maximum of 27 seats to the Popular Party and leaves them three short of an absolute majority. Ibiza would have six members from the PP, 3 from the PSOE, 3 from Podemos and the GxF representative from Formentera.

If these results are confirmed, the conservatives led by José Ramón Bauzá will have lost eight deputies during this parliamentary term.

The PP remained the largest party in the Balearics, but with insufficient electoral support to remain in Government if they fail to make agreements with other political forces, in their case Proposta per les Illes and Ciutadans. These two parties could be involved in any future Parliament and have key positions in forming a majority around the PP.

The IBES survey confirms that the electoral tsunami that is Podemos could hit the Balearic political landscape to the point that they find themselves being the third political force of the Parliament tied with the PSIB-PSOE in terms of voting intentions. Any option to the formation of an alternative majority to the PP involves an understanding between Armengol and Jarabo, of Podemos.


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