Ibiza is burning hot

The fires continue to break out on Ibiza, which suffered another scare barely two days after the flames that threatened Sant Miquel on Thursday, forcing a hundred residents to leave their homes.

This time the fire occurred in Santa Gertrudis in an area known as Can Formigues, very close to the village centre and a few hundred metres from the road to Sant Llorenc. The fire started in the Santa Eulària del Riu riverbed at about 14.15 and affected some 2.2 hectares of agricultural land and 0.6 hectares of forest.

The fire services responded immediately to contain the fire. From the air, two helicopters and two Air Tractor planes relentlessly dropped water while troops on the ground from IBANAT and the Fire Station struggled to stop the advance of the flames.

Their main objective was to try to prevent the fire crossing the river, in order to protect several nearby houses. Beyond the houses, there is a dense pine forest, which fortunately was almost unharmed.

Some neighbours suggested that, around noon, they saw the first flames outside an agricultural shed containing a pump that draws water from a well. This seems to have been the most likely cause of the fire.

The variable wind initially blew the flames towards the river, then the wind changed direction 180 degrees, affecting a ​​cultivated area.

After nearly three hours of fire-fighting, the fire was brought under control at about 5 pm, and considered completely extinguished at 8 pm.

The fire near to Sant Miquel, which was brought under control on Friday, was finally extinguished at 7.30 pm on Saturday, nearly three days after the start and after having burnt 32 hectares.

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