The football season is underway… at last

The new football season is upon us and, as a host of new names join the elite of Premiership stars set to entertain us again, it seems that Jose Mourinho has stolen the newspaper headlines after the first couple of weeks.

The news revolves around whether Chelsea’s manager, Jose Mourinho, was right to have demoted the team’s doctor and physiotherapist after they ran onto the pitch to treat an apparently injured player, Eden Hazard, in the last few minutes of a match against Swansea.

TV footage shows Mourihno having a tantrum at them from the side of the pitch as they treated the ‘injured’ player, because the professional game’s rules now state that if a player is to have medical treatment he must be withdrawn from the field of play and allowed back on only with the consent of the referee. Chelsea, who had already had one player sent off, would have been down to nine men for the last critical moments of the match.

Immediately after the match Mourinho said, “I was not happy with my medical staff. Even if you are a kit man, doctor or secretary on the bench you have to understand the game… when you go to the pitch to assist a player you have to make sure your player has a serious injury. I was sure he hadn’t a serious problem … but my medical department … was naive.”

They may have been naive? However, it looked as if the player concerned had been badly hurt but he wasn’t – and Mourinho understood this.

Indeed the reason why the rules now state that injured players must be removed from the field of play – so the match can continue – is precisely because so many players were feigning injury to waste time.

Not so clever for a change, Mourinho seems to be on the back foot – and already five points adrift in Chelsea’s defence of their coveted title…

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