The English football season resumes…

English Premier League and Championship football returns tomorrow following the International break for the 2016 Euros.

To pick up where it left off: after four games the only team with a 100% record, Manchester City, sit proudly at the top. Fairly predictable so far, but check out the League table.

Crystal Palace sit in 2nd place following their historic win at Chelsea last time out, while Leicester City sit in 3rd position after a start to the season that defies belief, having spent most of last season as red hot relegation certainties. The remaining Champions League spot (4th) is occupied by Swansea City, after their impressive comeback from 1-0 down to Manchester United to eventually win 2-1.

The usual suspects, Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool, occupy 5th, 6th and 7th places, followed closely by West Ham who produced perhaps the standout result of the last Premiership weekend with a 0-3 away win at Anfield.

This weekend, any casual observer looking at the League table would pick the visit of Manchester City to second placed Crystal Palace as the biggest game of the weekend. However, Palace’s home record so far is unimpressive. They’re clearly happier counter-attacking, which best suits playing away from home.

The other stand-out fixture in almost any other season over the last several decades would be the visit of Liverpool to Old Trafford.

The good news is that these two fixtures do not clash in terms of kick-off time – so you can watch them back to back – if you can find the right venue.

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