Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bryony’s Rich Kitchen has arrived

Some of the finest moments to be experienced on Ibiza are often those that you least expect and which don’t involve vast expenditure.
The nightclubs and beachfront restaurants garner global publicity but, as nice as they are, the memories that most readily spring to mind involve a simple table in a field surrounded by fellow immigrant residents, who we may or may not have met before, enjoying food, drink and laughter.
That these occasions are so rare makes them all the more memorable…
This week we were fortunate to be invited to a ‘corporate event’ organised to launch Bryony’s Rich Kitchen, which is a handle with which you will all soon surely become familiar.
Bryony is an island icon as a result of the venues that she’s run in the past. Notably Santa Eulalia’s Black Cat, Can Reyet and Pomelo to name but a few.
Although we count her as a friend, we weren’t quite sure what to expect or who we would be sharing it with?
We needn’t have worried, we knew almost everyone present, so this ‘corporate event’ took on a completely different shine.
It was all about the food and when we say ‘food’ we feel obliged to qualify such an inadequate description.

However, instead we offer a shortcut to the Facebook page that tells you in detail not only what we were treated to, but even how to make it!


If, like me, you’re not overly confident in the kitchen or even in the supermarket sourcing ingredients, just contact Bryony and ask her to pop round and sort it all out.

She’s not just an amazing cook, she’s also fabulous fun to have around on any occasion…

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  1. loving it – I agree with everything you have written – only wish I were there and can’t wait to host similar when I am in September. Mucho amor a todo

  2. I could not agree more. Bryony’s fun spirit shows through her yummy food, t’is always a Life affirming experience! One not to be missed!!

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