Nimmo’s Wild Rover settles at last…

Saint Patrick’s Day has been something of a non-event in Santa Eulalia for as long as anyone can remember. Sort of on a par with the Queen’s birthday or Saint George’s Day…

But that all changed this year with the opening of Nimmo’s Wild Rover in the town’s port on March 17th.

March can be bleak for those looking for fun on a night out, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a brand new venue for the first time and realise that almost everyone you know has already arrived and settled in – it was standing room only! Clearly word of the new bar’s opening had travelled far and wide and struck a chord with a community deprived of fun for those long winter months – and we lapped it up.

The family Nimmo had invited a friend over from Dublin, a one-man band called Karl, and he held the audience in the palm of his hand with his traditional Irish rock and ballads. That is, the audience who could fit inside this reasonably large bar. On the night there were simply too many people to fit inside. Instead they overflowed out onto the large terrace alongside the port’s car park.

It didn’t matter though, it was a balmy Spring evening and four barrels of real Guinness shipped in from Ireland and properly served had created a unique atmosphere that we couldn’t recall experiencing since our last visit to the Emerald Isle.

Nimmo’s Wild Rover is now open all week from midday and has a sparkling new kitchen serving Irish stew made to the family matriarch’s (Mammi’s) own recipe. Their fresh fish and chips have already achieved local notoriety, in part because of the ‘proper’ hand cut chips. These are seen as proof of the fact that you’ll find no frozen food used in the creation of the house’s dishes. Cottage Pie and fresh Chicken Goujons are also on offer and on Sundays they serve ham, cabbage and potatoes. All are delicious, especially chased down with one of the houses home-made desserts.

All of the produce for the kitchen is sourced locally in and around Santa Eulalia. This is because the ladies of this traditional Irish family like to inspect everything that comes into their kitchen, and woe betide the supplier who doesn’t match their expectations. Quite reassuring really to those of us on this side of the bar?

And so to the introductions – Team Nimmo consists of Steve and Delores, their children Chris and Shannon and Jay, Delores brother, and Alex their adopted family member – it’s a true family business. This is a fact celebrated by the family crest on the wall behind the bar, which combines the mottos of the two families that form the Santa Eulalia Nimmos. Delores’ family motto is “Family is everything” while that of Steve’s family is “Together we are everything” and together they certainly know how to run a proper Irish bar…

Speaking of ‘bar’, the most important feature of any bar should be what comes out of the taps and in this case the main event has to be the Guinness. At the risk of repeating myself and boring you with reminiscences of the Emerald Isle, you’ll have to try it to believe our word and this is one tip that you’ll definitely thank us for…

As if that wasn’t enough good news, they’re open all year round so you don’t need to wait till March for your next proper Irish knees up!

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