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What better place than Ibiza, the mecca for all DJ’s to begin Ibiza Vinyl Club? It all started in March 2016 as a way to bring Vinyl-Enthusiasts in Ibiza together, and to share the passion and memories that playing with Vinyl Records, encourages. The Vinyl Club is a roaming Record Exchange where purveyors of Wax can meet-up and hang out, listen to Vinyl DJs, PLAY on the OpenDecks themselves, and buy/swap/sell unlimited amounts of vinyl within the gang! They hold regular meetings at different venues across Ibiza, where all the fun takes place. At present, they’ve hosted 28 meetings in 13 venues (including Cafe del Mar, Boutique Hostal Salinas & Ibiza Rock’s Rooftop Nine) this year, having more than 40 Vinyl DJs perform for them, from all over Ibiza and the World; and the Club now boasts a network of more than 400 Vinily-Addicted Wax-Freaks! Plus they’ve got LOTS of ideas and events planned for the winter too!

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Organiser, Peach says ‘We’re just a bunch of mates having fun, and we just want to play together and share the experience with everyone! So we host Open-Decks at every event; encouraging Vinyl-Lovers (NOT JUST DJs!) to come and share their sounds with us. We also have the Vinyl Exchange / Record Fair where Vinyl Junkies can get their fix and Swap/Buy/Sell Vinyl Records at the meetings. Each meeting has a large selection of Records from multiple vendor’s to choose from, and Audio-Points are set-up to listen to the tunes before purchase.’ 

The Club itself is the unique concept, travelling far and wide across Ibiza to ‘Share the Love of Vinyl’. Each meeting is brimming with ideas and enthusiasm from attendees, and has become an awesome hub to collaborate with like-minded people, and get more Vinyl gigs! Times are always changing in Ibiza, and we hear a lot of clubbers and DJ’s are disillusioned with the current state of Digital-DJ/VIP affairs. The art of Vinyl DJing always delivers unique musical sessions and mind-blowing Turntable Skills; and at the Club we ENCOURAGE our Clubbers to Get Involved on the Open Decks! No VIP, No Exclusivity, No Entry Fees or venues with extortionately-priced drinks – We’re an ‘IN-clusive Club’, with a love for ALL, and we share far much more than money at our events!

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So why does Vinyl Club concept work so well in Ibiza? Amongst the many awesome things; the weather, the welcoming venues; the acceptability of people and projects; the love and enthusiasm for all things Vinyl-related; the island itself… The list could be infinite! But the best thing about working on this beautiful little isle is not something you can physically see! It’s much deeper than that.. In Ibiza Vinyl Club’s opinion, the diversity and amount of exceptional sounds, skills, emotions, memories, knowledge and creativity that are generated by Vinyl Records and Vinyl DJing, tops the list. It’s amazing what fantastic vibes develop when a few Vinyl-Junkies get together and start ‘Chatting Wax’. Vinyl Music touches people in a Unique and Mysterious way, and the gang at IVCHQ feel completely blessed to be able to host meetings that bring such potential and joy!

After an amazing first season, the future of the Ibiza Vinyl Club is looking very rosy indeed, they have a series of Winter Events lining up that will spread the Love and Art of Vinyl Music even further and even wider! Plans are bubbling away for a unique ‘Thank-You Fiesta’ in the form of a Vinyl-Based Charity event (in aid of Ibiza-based causes) to be held before Christmas 2016; and as the Vinyl Network continues to expend – plans are developing for bigger Vinyl Markets and Club events across the Island in 2017! And with the enormous array of the World’s Best Vinyl DJs now free from work commitments and wanting to come and play with us, Ibiza Vinyl Club is the place to be this winter! To find out more, get involved, and Share the Love for the Wax, search for IBIZA VINYL CLUB on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Mixcloud, or email IbizaVinylClub@gmail.com. We’re always looking for Club Members and Like-Minded Venues, so give us a shout!

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