3 Great Places to Eat in Ibiza for Under 10€

Comida de San Juan
Where: Carrer Montgri 8, Ibiza Old Town, 07800
When: Monday – Saturday 1:30-3:30pm & 8:30-11pm
About: Comida de San Juan is a must visit if you are coming to Ibiza… Expect: a long queue at the door, to share your table and to be encouraged to free up your table when you’re done eating – but all this comes with the most delicious ‘home cooking style’ local food and great atmosphere and the best value for money to be found on the island, as most mains come in at around 6-9€.

La Andaluza Low Cost
Where: Av. d’Espanya 6,  Ibiza Town, 07800,
When: Monday – Saturday 8:00-1am
About: At always busy ‘Andaluza Low Cost’ in Ibiza Town, you can choose from a menu of 5 tasty tapas for 10€. The tapas are authentic Spanish home cooking style and 5 is plenty to share between two people or enough for one very very hungry person!


Pinchos for  1€ Every Thursday  @ Claro Que Si
Where: Bisbe Huix 2, Ibiza Town, 07800
When: 8am – 1am Daily, but Pinchos for  1€ Every Thursday from 8pm
About: Newly opened ‘Claro Que Si’ is an Italian (sometime Spanish) Café, who have just started their delicious (yet busy!) Pinchos for 1€ each night, every Thursday from 8pm – so you can easily fill up and buy a drink for 10€ or under, but it’s a good idea to reverse your table, as the night is fast becoming popular!


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  1. Bar Toni “Can Curreu.” Turn left off the San Carlos road approximately km 3.

    No menu del dia but a dish of the day. Always home made, could be lentejas, pollo, bullit de pesc or pasta. Even the bullit is only €12.50!!!! Amazing tapas from the vitrina.

    Eat inside or in the child/pet friendly garden. Fabulous attentive staff.

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