Brewed in Ibiza, Naturally

Hierbas, the local spirit, is probably the most famous home-grown beverage that’s created here in Ibiza. But as the craft beer, and other ‘small scale drink production’ trend is sweeping the rest of Europe and the states – Ibiza is not be left behind! There are a number of new trendy independent producers taking advantage of the island’s great organic vibes and producing there own independent beverages here, here are just a few of our favourites…

LC Limoncello

Made from 100% Ibiza lemons – that are fermented locally, using only the natural Ibizan sunlight as an aid (no artificial preservatives, additives or colouring needed!) Produced in small batches Limoncello Ibiza has been a tourist favourite last summer during it’s launch with visitors wanting to taste a bit of authentic Ibiza- in the form of a fabulous cocktail of course!


LAW Gin Ibiza is completely inspired by the island, using hand-picked typically ingredients – the Gin is produced in small batches using ancient techniques that were traditionally used in the Hispanic middle ages. It’s zesty after taste lends itself very well to gin based cocktails and since it’s launch, it has been used by bartenders to win a number of international cocktail competitions.

Ibosim Craft Beer

Ibosim Ibiza micro-brewery is the first of it’s kind of the island – it not only includes a lovely little bar where you can enjoy the naturally home brewed beer – but you can also take a tour of facilities and see for yourself the fascinating process for yourself then enjoy a delicious Mediterranean menu of recommended food pairings.

Kombucha Tea

If you feel like drying out a little bit after all that talk of alcohol – and refreshing – then you must try Kombucha Tea of Life Ibiza. It’s famous Kombucha ingredient contains natural health benefits that are even said to help cure your hangover! It is, of course 100% organic, using no artificial additives and is suitable for vegans.

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