Glitter Bingo @ Sluiz

If you fancy a fun Sunday afternoon out in Ibiza, that’s suitable for the whole family – then Glitter Bingo at SLUIZ Ibiza, is not to be missed! The happy atmosphere makes this event perfect for both family’s with young kids and grandparents, to groups of friends curtailing their Sunday afternoon blues.

Go along to the big SLUIZ in Santa Gertrudis Ibiza (it’s in the bar section towards the back of the warehouse) any time from 3pm, on the Sunday scheduled for the event.

So how does it work?
There is no entrance fee, although to take part you must, of course, buy a bingo ticket. A single ticket is 2€, or you can purchase 3 tickets for 5€. You can play as many tickets per round as you wish, although try not to get confused – because if you call out a false ‘Bingo’ you will have to do a disco dance forfeit for the crowd.

You are conveniently situated right next to the bar – where you can order all the normal drinks that you would expect – but there is also a special food menu for the event – Nacho’s with guacamole recommended!

The theme is disco and glitter and there is a DJ accompanying the bingo caller – playing all the disco classics. The caller, will announces the numbers in three languages; Spanish, English and Dutch… And once you’ve got a full house you can shout out Bingo and disco dance your way to the stage to claim your prize.

What can you win?
Prizes are the super cool stock from the SLUIZ store, there are three different shelves, each with different value prizes to choose from. Each round has three levels of prizes…

1st Prize Shelf: retail value up to 100€ – for the first person to get valid Bingo of that round.
2nd Prize Shelf: retail value up to 50€ – for the second person to shout out Bingo during that round.
3rd Prize Shelf: retail value up to 25€ – for the third person to get a full house during that round.

After this there is always a short break, an opportunity to refuel at the bar or buy some more bingo tickets before the next round begins!

When: At least one Sunday a month at SLUIZ Ibiza, keep an eye on their facebook page to find out when the next event will be.

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