When to Book your Ibiza Holiday

Are the cold weather and long days getting you down? If you need some cheering up – a great solution is to start looking forward to your Ibiza summer holiday – but there can be a lot of things to consider when it comes to booking. If you stuck with where to start booking a villa, check out our recommended Ibiza Villa Holiday Rentals blog. However, if you find yourself more puzzling over when to book – here’s a simple break down of what to expect when…


May is a really an underrated month to visit Ibiza, while it’s true that it gets busier towards the end of the month, during the first couple of weeks – it’s very peaceful, with seasonal workers beginning to arrive and find jobs, and a lot of older tourists an families enjoying the cool temperatures and relative peace before the busy season truly kicks in. Direct flights have usually just started up and there are some really cheap deals to be found if you book far enough in advance. While accommodation is usually always expensive in Ibiza’s summer season – May might be the only month you can find some true deals – so get searching!

June in Ibiza is really when the season gets going properly, many venues have already opened and a few are still hosting opening parties – the nice thing is the island still has a lively vibe, but the beaches, buses and clubs aren’t completely packed to a point of discomfort yet. Direct flights from most major European cities should be in full swing by this point and if you book early enough there might be some deals to be had.

July in Ibiza is really a game of two halves – with the first two weeks not much different to June, while the last two weeks contrastingly are most like August… With the majority of European schools, colleges and universities now all well and truly broken up for the summer – expect an influx of ready to party students, off duty teachers and tourists from neighbouring countries who usually take the summer off as holiday time.

August in Ibiza is hot, busy and expensive. For many, due to work and study commitments, it’s the only time of year they can make it to Ibiza – but there are some nice things about the busiest month of the year in Ibiza… The high temperatures and humidity mean that, during the evening you can sit outside and enjoy your dinner without needing to wear a jacket right up until quite late into the night. The streets are packed with people and if you like that buzzy feeling it’s a great time to go and experience Ibiza Town’s port or San Antonio’s sunset strip.

In September you might notice The White Isle taking a big sigh of relief – as it’s really the time when everything starts winding down. The weather is getting a bit cooler during the days and dropping considerably in the evening – so make sure you wrap up for dinner. The world famous closing parties still attract a big crowd but with most of the families and students back to school, it makes it the perfect time to visit Ibiza with a group of friends or your partner and take advantage of a slightly more tranquil vibe – you might even be able to find some last minute accommodation or flight deals – if you’re very lucky!



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