More Direct Flights from UK to Ibiza Announced for this Summer

With a record number of passengers passing through Ibiza’s single commercial airport last year, it looks like this year, the already tiny yet bustling airport of Ibiza is going to be busier than ever before this summer, and here’s why…

What’s happening?
Spain is the most popular tourist destination for British holidaymakers, and Ibiza is appealing for both young people and families… So following popular demand from customers in the UK, last week the Commercial Director-General at British Airways, Luke Hayhoe, has announced more direct flight routes from the UK to Ibiza this Summer 2017.

Where will the new flights be coming from?
From May onwards Bristol (the capital of the South West of England) and Birmingham (the second largest city in the UK) airports’ will be offering flights directly to Ibiza at a frequency of around once per week, as well as on the weekends. Already busy at the Ibiza end, the airline predicts ‘strong activity’ from both airports. There will be a number of alternative options for passengers too, as the regions popularity grows, British Airways will also be adding more direct flights from Bristol and Birmingham to Palma and Malaga too.

So why now?
Although Iberia Express and Vueling, subsidiaries of International Airways Group (IAG), a British Airways partner – had previously launched services from Birmingham to Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga and Tenerife… It will be first time in 10 years that these airports will be providing flights from both locations directly to Ibiza, as these routes were terminated in 2007 when British Airways regional service was acquired by FlyBe. Because passengers from these two large cities were complaining about having to travel for, in some cases, up to hours to get to neighbouring airports to catch a flight to the sort-after destination of Ibiza, British Airways have been keen to listen to these strong desire of their customers.

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