Ibiza Retreats – Come and set your spirit free

If there’s something we all love about Ibiza, it’s the spiritual power of the island. With this powerful, nourishing character, it’s no surprise that the island has become home for many yogis, healers and therapists from all over the world.

The yoga scene on the island is buzzing, and a couple of the leading wellbeing consultants here are the ladies from Ibiza Retreats. Larah and Susie, founded Ibiza Retreats in 2008, inspired by supporting people through combining yoga, meditation and programs of treatments and therapies, catered to each client’s needs. 

They work with world-class teachers, healers and holistic therapists, to soften & release external pressures, helping people to find their centre again – after all ‘yoga is the ability to dance with life and not get knocked off your centre’.

You can pick the course that suits you best – they offer several packages, each of which have been designed to guide you through a specific aspect of life.  ‘Harmonise Yoga’ is designed for women who are prone to worrying and need to detox their mind. While the ‘Rejuvenate Retreat’, combines yoga with high intensity fitness and healthy nutrition. The courses are available for all levels, whether you are a yoga pro or a complete beginner.

Before committing to any course, you should first understand what you want to get out of it, and if they’re running anything that suits your needs. If you feel that the existing packages do not completely satisfy your needs, you can ask the ladies to come up with something specifically tailored to you – in terms of schedule, budget and energy. 

Make 2017 your year to shine and reconnect with your inner you. Check out their retreats calendar where we are sure that you can find the right one for you.

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