Drum & Bass comes to Ibiza (EVENT NOW FINISHED)

Around the world, Ibiza is known as the home of the electronic music scene – in particular house music, as well as techno and balearic – which style takes it’s name from the very islands themselves. However for all those jungle and drum and bass fans there’s always been something a little bit lacking in the party scene here on the White Isle – but no longer… Noticing a gap in the musical scene – we talk to local DJ Filtah, about how and why he has started Congo Drum & Bass party here in Santa Eulalia, the North of Ibiza.


Why did you decide to bring a drum and bass night to Ibiza?
Personal need really! I really missed dancing to this kind of music. There’s a big difference in the tempo, which means its a totally different rhythm to house music. Drum and Bass just feels more natural for me, I just love it really and Jungle too!  I’ve just always had the feeling that there was something missing, particularly on this side of the island for this kind of thing… I also wanted to find out if there were other people out there who felt the same, and would like a cool place to party to drum & bass.

So, you held the first event back in February – how did it go?
Really really well! I was very surprised how many people came down to party (especially in the dead of winter on a school night in Ibiza)! It was a big success to be honest, there were quite a few people that really loved the vibe, and had been looking for something like this for a while, so I was really happy to put this on for them.  I’d really love to get a regular kind of scene together, that would be awesome! Also, the sound system in Guarana Bar, was totally kicking – the low bass was dropping nicely 😉

When is the next event happening?
Thursday the 13th of April for real! It’s a great night to hold it because (for all those who have regular 9-5 Monday-Fridays) we have a day off for Easter the next day – a great excuse to stay up late dancing.

Which DJ’s will play?
Myself – DJ Filtah – no intro required haha!

Wisdom Sound – Top DJ who has recently been playing on tour with the one and only General Levy!

Trevor O’Neil – Island resident / Producer with a passion for vinyl and Drum & Bass.

DJ Roots – Island Resident / Producer from Brazil – He’s had releases UK Drum & Bass labels and brings that Brazilian vibe!

Plus we’ll be inviting some guest DJs to play. We have a few guys booked already, but any DJs interested in playing can get in touch via ibizajunglescene Facebook group.



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