Hippie for a Day: A Trip to the Flea Market in Sant Jordi

Winter in Ibiza – winter, really?
What this actually means is that the island is stripped down to about 150.000 citizens, the possibilities on how to spend your weekend are limited, especially during the day, at some point you have walked all the beaches and done everything you did not have the time to do so during summer. Whereas, the nightlife is distilled down to a few small clubs, plus Pacha and Sankeys for the bigger ones… so sooner or later you will ask yourself ‘what to do next?’. A great choice is visiting the numerous flea markets all over the island… The most popular and well known one is Las Dalias, but there are also smaller but more creative markets in San Juan or Cala Leña – these are held each Sunday, or on Saturday’s you have the option of going to the Forada market (next to Can Tixedo on the road to Santa Ines). This one is very you can buy all your organic locally grown fruit and veg and it’s my personal favorite. Another market I’ve got a soft-spot for is the Sant Jordi market held at the Hippodrome in Sant Jordi every Saturday morning. One thing upfront, if you don’t consider yourself a true flea market addict do not attend on a windy day, it all gets kind of messy and the stands are mostly busy with recollecting their things ‘fleaing’ around all over the place.

Up early enough for some Sant Jordi fun?
But let’s presume it is a sunny Saturday and you got up quite early – that means before midday on a weekend in ‘winter’ in Ibiza. Real enthusiasts will be there at 09 am, waiting for the vendors to finish building their stalls to be the first ones to choose. The market is open from 8am to 3pm, so as said, if you arrive midday there is still enough time, plus the mandatory drummers (like them or not – they are an essential part of the market) do not start before noon anyway. Once you managed to find a decent parking place and walk in there is a huge bar right at the entrance where you can enjoy drinks and snacks for a reasonable price, perfect to recharge batteries before entering the fun zone.

What can be found?
Here you will find all sorts of things, items you don’t even know existed or others where you ask yourself ‘who the hell is buying this?!’. As the whole area is packed with stands, my favorite tactic is to first walk the outer ring, then the second, then start to walk the connections in between one by one. As I mentioned before, you will find all sorts of things, from vintage clothing to art, furniture, plus a whole array of electronic devices from the late 50’s until today – tools, plants, vinyls, CD’s, DVD’s, cassettes, jewelry – the list is endless. And all for a reasonable price, plus most of the vendors like to bargain or even trade.

One of our favorite games is to go there in a group, set a time limit, spread out, hunt for hidden treasures and come together after time has run out to finally choose the most original piece and award the winner inviting him for the upcoming lunch, the perfect ending for a visit to Sant Jordi. And yes, you might be the one winning with one of the pieces you asked yourself before ‘who the hell is buying this?!’.

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