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Ibiza’s Only Plane Crash

A lot people living in Ibiza today don’t know about some of the island’s more recent history – for instance, the island’s 1972 plane crash. It’s the only aviation accident recorded so far, as flights to the party island of Ibiza are usually very safe.

When did it happen?
The accident took place on 7th January 1972.

So, what happened?
Iberia Airlines Flight 602, crashed into a mountain (Mount S’Atalaya) on descent back into the airport near Ibiza Town. It was a very small plane that held only 6 crew and 98 passengers and unfortunately everyone on board was killed during the incident. The majority of the passengers were natives of Valencia (the planes origin city) most of whom were working in Ibiza on a temporary basis and were returning after holidays back home visiting friends and relatives.

How did it happen?
As far as record show, there were no problems with the flight until the plane had taken and unusually low descent back into Ibiza (which neither the pilot, co-pilot nor air traffic control had noticed). Failing to makes it’s minimum altitude at this point during it’s landing – the aircraft collided with the mountain and unfortunately immediately exploded on impact.

Flying Conditions that Day
The weather at the time of the crash was described as cloudy and over-cast with low visibility between broken clouds of only 5-10 miles. However the official ruling of the cause of the accident was that the pilot had failed to make the minimum landing altitude as he approached the run way.

Famous Last Words
Not having noticed the planes dangerously low decent, it is said that the captain was discussing a recent football match with air traffic control, and just before the accident, he he had radioed over to Ibiza Airport to say ‘Get me a beer ready, we are here’.

Rest in peace.

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