Theatrical Evening Guided Tour of Dalt Vila

If you’re looking for something different to do in Ibiza Old Town, or you have friends coming on holiday who would like to experience a bit of Ibiza’s old cultural history – the theatrical evening guided tour of Dalt Vila could be just what you’re looking for…

How do I book a ticket?
Just call 971 399 232…
…or email to register ahead of the tour, you will need to say how many people will be in your group and they will take your contact number incase of any cancellations.

Where is the tour? Where’s the meeting point?
The tour is based around Dalt Vila, you will start at the bottom of Portal de Ses Taules (at the big gate) and work your way up close to the top of Dalt Vila.

How long does it take?
The tour takes between 1.15 minutes – 2 hours depending on the group sizes and questions and answers.

When does the tour run?
Every Saturday night at 7pm – although you will need to be at the big gate (right in front of The Croissant Show to meet the Tour Guide at 6:45pm at least).

How much does it cost?
Just 5€ for residents, which the tour guide will collect at the beginning from each group member before the tour begins.

What happens during the tour?
During the tour, you will be guided round to different spots of historical significance in Dalt Vila – where the knowledgeable and charismatic guide will explain to you what happened there and as well as some background contextual information. This is interspersed with small dramatisations by professional actors who speak in old Spanish, are dressed old-fashioned clothing and like to interact with the audience and surprise them a little bit. At the end of the tour you finish of with a lovely glass of traditional Ibicencan hierbas!


Do I need to speak Spanish to go on this tour?
At the moment the tour is running in Spanish, and although you don’t need to have a fluent speaker to go along – a good level of understanding would be necessary to get the most out of the tour. The tourism website that organises it states that during summer languages available in the guided section will be also include Catalan and English – bit best to confirm this when you book by phone.

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