Chaos at Ibiza Airport on Saturday Night

Anyone living on the island who had friends or relatives arriving in Ibiza on Saturday night will have known that around 8:30pm the airport was plunged into darkness and chaos that evening… and it’s only just becoming clear now what had happened.

The airport had just started to become busy again, with lots of seasonal workers arriving for the first time and direct flights from popular locations all over Europe (such as London and Berlin) just starting up again. With recent sporadic terrorist events across the many of Europe’s larger tourist destinations throughout the recent months – security is higher than normal and what took place must have been very traumatic for those in the airport at time.

Witnesses took to social media to declare that they had been told that their was a fire in the airport and that staff were trying to evacuate everyone from inside the building. The worst part was that around a dozen people (including staff and passengers) are said to have been stuck in one of the luggage collection rooms, where an electrical fault caused a small fire to break on the causing smoke and lights within the building to be turned off. Thankfully the people where only trapped in the room for around 10 minutes and the fire was controlled very efficiently and their were no serious injuries according to AENA – (the company that is responsible for running Ibiza airport) Although they released a statement saying “It is a failure that should not be repeated again”.

Some delays of around two hours where incurred that night with flights that were supposed to be landing. Plus back log of passengers who’d been stuck in airport caused a mass exodus of people trying to leave all at once (at around 10pm) that night, meant that the airport staff controlling the car park released the barriers so that everyone could leave the site as safely and possible. The airport is now back to running with normal service.

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