Why should I hire an Ibiza Art Car this Summer?

Why should I choose Ibiza Art Car for my car hire this summer (and not a competitor standard competitor)?

Ibiza Art Car is a local car rental service, with a strong vision behind. We don’t want to be a ”normal rent-a-car”, instead we want to provide a more fun and friendly service. As a small business, we have less bureaucracy than other international rental businesses, which make our rental process less stressful. Our project incorporates our passion for recycling and up-cycling with our love for art. We buy specific second-hand cars and we work on them to give them a second life. After taking care of the mechanical parts, we collaborate with artists (both on the island and internationally) to get a unique look. We love to bring a bit of colour to the streets of Ibiza, clients tell us that people stop them to take pictures and when they pass by they can see other people smiling, and this makes us proud. Ibiza is a beautiful place for sharing and caring with others, and we are happy to play our little part in this. When you rent one of our art cars you don’t just rent a car, but you collaborate in sharing a creative way of living. 

So summer is approaching, do tourists and people on the island (who might have friends and relatives visiting) know that there is a more friendly car hire alternative on the island?

Our project is fairly new, but we have been very well accepted from the first minutes, among the community on the island. The voice is growing and we have some amazing partnership with local artists coming up in the future! We are happy to see that artists would like to get involved and believe in us. We spent the calmer winter giving back to the community, we worked on several community projects as the recreational day of photo shooting in the Sa Serra caring home of San Antonio.


It was so nice to see people same age as our grandparents smiling and having fun. At the beginning they were a little bit shy but then they gave it their all in front of the camera and even asked us to come back another time! The theme of the activity was to support the image of Ibiza as an island of eternal youth, as ageing is just a matter of lifestyle – if you are a young soul and have a positive mind, it does matter how old you are on paper.


We also participated in other art events – the most recent organise by Sluiz, it was a very good platform to show our work to residents and meet local artists. But we think there is so much more to do, we are just at the beginning. We would like people to be passionate about our project, and tourist to have fun while driving our cars around.

What if I have an old car that I would like pimped by Ibiza Art Car – can I get it done?

Actually, a lot of people are now asking us if they can have their cars “pimped” by us. But as the projects was not born with this idea in mind, we want first to make sure to be able to provide a good product. While we are seriously considering this option for the future – at the moment if someone is interested they can drop us an email to discuss it further and we will pencil it in our waiting-list. For now we are still practising on technics and we are experimenting on our art cars. With some local artisans we are working on some interesting projects to be able to personalise also the interior of the cars. 

What if I’m an artist interested in painting a weloveibiza art car – where can I submit a request?

We are seeing an increased number of requests of collaboration and this make us very proud! For now we only have a small number of cars available but we aim to be able to grow and provide to each artist the right space to express themselves. So we are creating a waiting-list for this, so any artist who’s interested in collaborating with us, can drop us an email or contact us through our Facebook weloveibiza art-car and we will get back to them immediately. We would like to take the chance to say thank you to anyone in advance for their interest. 

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