Vegan Day Out Ibiza

Vegan Day Out Ibiza was started by Yannis Dimitriou. Coming from the electronic music scene, he wanted to fuse his love for music with his passion for animals. The festival was born with the idea to promote and expand awareness of the ethical, compassionate and health benefits of a vegan lifestyle. “There is no need to hurt animals for food and fashion, we should all learn to live together in peace and harmony” said Yannis. 

The festival shows to people how tasty vegan food is and how many cruelty-free products are available. Vegan Day Out is the perfect event for the whole family, whether you are vegan or not. For a few hours you can celebrate and immerse yourself in the vegan lifestyle – taste delicious healthy food, discover cruelty-free fashion and enjoy entertaining music. There are also kids entertainment, live act shows, healing and yoga area and plenty of workshops.

Ibiza is an unique place with so much positive energy, people are very open minded and willing to live an alternative lifestyle. Yannis feels that the island is the right place for the festival to be and grow. He would love to make the festival grow globally and send out the message to people about vegansim and how to live in peace and love.

So join them on the 17th of April for a celebration of everything vegan!

MORE INFO HERE: Vegan Day Out Facebook

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