3 Greener Ways to Get Around Ibiza

Ibiza loves nature and here on island that cares for the environment it’s great to know that there’s a greener alternative for getting from A to B…

1 – Bici Hippy
What is it? Bici Hippy Ibiza is an electric bike company based in Ibiza. Their aim is to provide a healthy more environmentally conscientious alternative vehicle rental service.
So why is it ‘greener’? Bici Hippy bikes are good for your body – as they get you exercising (although they added electricity gives you a pleasant extra little push) so you won’t break so much of a sweat. But they are also better for the environment as a whole as they do not use any fuel or create any air pollution.
How/where to get it? Visit Bici Hippy Ibiza


2 – Bla Bla Car
What is it? Popular across the rest of Spain for a while, the ride sharing app Bla Bla Car is finally picking up traction within the Ibiza Community.
So why is it ‘greener’? Sharing is caring, and Bla Bla car is considered safer than traditional hitch-hiking as people are linked to their social media accounts, plus the obvious cost and consumption cuts when sharing rides between people. Whether it’s your daily commute or something longer distance – it might now be worth checking out Bla Bla Car in Ibiza.
How/where to get it? Download the app Bla Bla Car and start searching in Ibiza


3 – Ibiza Art Car
What is it? Ibiza Art Car is a recycled Car Hire company that works with local and international artists to provide tourists with a rental experience with a difference!
So why is it ‘greener’? They buy specific second-hand cars and collaborate with artists to give them a second life. They also work with many projects to support the local community – find out more here.
How/where to get it? Visit We Love Ibiza Art Car

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