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Police in Santa Eulalia Introduce Hand Held Speed Radars

In efforts to try to improve road safety in Ibiza and decrease motorists speeds in the more urban areas or the island, a new hand held speed radar has been introduced by police in Santa Eulalia.

What can it do?
The new equipment is small enough to be hand held or mounted on police cars and motorcycles. Unlike the current speed cameras which we all know and love… These new camera’s will not be signposted and are small enough not to need big infrastructure surrounding them. They use laser technology to sense speeds from up to 1200 meters away with only a relatively tiny margin of error (approximately 5%), and can capture images to identify and confirm the speed of vehicles.

Where will it be used?
The idea is to introduce the speed radar in Santa Eulalia around sensitive speed areas, pedestrian zones like schools and sporting grounds, as well as around beaches where there is expected to be a big increase of traffic from tourists and seasonal workers. So far, 8 officers have been trained on how to use these cameras and patrols will take place by both uniformed and non-uniformed officers to prevent dangerous driving, in crowded areas with large influxes of people during the summer. Later if the sanctions are successful they plan to roll out the training to more members of the police force.

What are the penalties for being caught Speeding with a hand held radar?
The penalty for being caught speeding with one of these new cameras will be anywhere between a 100 – 600 euro fine, and the loss of up to six points on your license.

Improving Traffic Safety
Since the new speed sensors were introduced in Barcelona and other Spanish cities, the Traffic Office has reported  that in a six month sample in 2016, 16000 vehicles were monitored and 434 of these received penalties.

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