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Beach Babies: Keep Kids Safe and Comfortable by the Sea

The best place to spend summer with your children in Ibiza is at the beach – of course! Kids of all ages love playing by the sea, and it is a perfect natural environment for them to explore and burn off energy. However, there are things you need to have to keep your family safe and happy in the sun. Here is Ibiza Eye’s guide to gear to keep kids safe and comfortable by the sea.

Kids have delicate skin so be sure to protect them from the hot sun! You should always use sun cream with at least 30 SPF and apply a layer about 30 minutes before going into the sun, then apply a second layer just before you go out. The younger the child the more careful you need to be about sun exposure. Small bodies heat more quickly and dehydrate faster, so keep babies and very young children in the shade as much as possible. Never stay out for long during the heat of the day – roughly 11 to 16:00. Sun hats and long-sleeved UV suits are a great way to protect small children.

Splashing in the sea is irresistible on a baking summer day, but it can also be risky for small children. No matter how shallow the water always be sure that kids have appropriate flotation devices. For babies and toddlers this means arm bands and life vests that will keep their head above water in case of emergency. Once children are able to swim foam “noodles”, inflatable sunbeds, or foam body boards are all good options to give them extra security in the water.

Children can get so excited about playing at the beach that they don’t want to take a break to eat. This can make it a challenge to keep them well-fed and hydrated so they don’t suffer an energy collapse, or worse. The trick is to bring simple, convenient, healthful snacks they can enjoy while running around. Fill plastic water bottles with a mixture of fresh fruit juice and water (about 1/3 juice to 2/3 water is a good ratio) and add a pinch of sea salt. This will replace sodium lost to sweat and keep them refreshed and energised. Nut-butter and banana sandwiches, dates, and sliced fresh fruit are all good snack options that offer healthful energy.

Kids are prone to stumbles and stubbed toes, so be sure to take a few basic first aid items with you to the shore. Reserve a bottle of plain water for rinsing any scrapes that occur. A small bottle of hydrogen peroxide is good to have on hand for cleansing cuts or abrasions. It is also a good idea to have antiseptic ointment and plasters for minor wounds, and a pair of sterile tweezers for removing splinters. Most important, be sure you know the location of your nearest clinic and have your health insurance card or documents accessible in case your child needs medical care for any reason.

With the right gear, you and your kids can have a wonderful, worry-free summer at the beach.

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