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Ibiza Outdoor Work-Outs & Activities

Ibiza’s natural beauty makes it the perfect place for outdoor workouts. After all, why would you go to the gym when you could be in the fresh air, swimming in the sea or hiking along a pine-scented forest trail? Whether you are a resident or visitor, joining a group activity is a great way to explore the island and get a safe, friendly, sociable workout in the process!

Ibiza Swim
Slip into the alluring turquoise sea for a cool, refreshing, challenging workout on even the hottest summer day. Ibiza Swim, which was founded by Ruth Osborn, has been operating on the island for 10 years and offers open water swims lead by certified, insured swimming coaches. Ibiza Swim offers open water swim training for those of you who want to improve your technique. If you just want to enjoy the sea in safety with a local guide you can book an accompanied open water swim. You need to be able to comfortably swim at least 1000m in a pool before taking on an open water swim.

Ibiza Walking Association
Ibiza keeps its secrets away from bustling towns and busy roads. Get off the beaten track and discover the ancient beauty and tranquility of the island with guided outings from the Ibiza Walking Association. Founded by Rob Smith, author of the Secret Beaches and Secret Walks Ibiza guidebooks, the IWA aims to help locals and tourists alike get closer to the real Ibiza. Hikes and walks take place all over the island and accommodate varying levels of fitness and confidence. Its trained and insured guides are chosen for their experience and knowledge of the island.

The Workout Club Ibiza
The Workout Club Ibiza was founded by Marisa Van Welzen and Virgil Brewster, who are dedicated to helping people get the most out of their time in Ibiza while having a great fitness experience. They work with two more trainers to offer outdoor group personal training sessions at various locations across the island, as well as one-on-one personal trainings, and workshops. The trainers design vigorous, full-body fitness workouts that leave you feeling tired but happy with what you have achieved. TWC Ibiza also gives advice on nutrition and lifestyle so you can maintain your health and fitness all year round.

Velo Club Ibiza
For those of you who love to explore on two wheels Velo Club Ibiza offers guided road and mountain bike rides, plus bike hire. Founded by former record label owner, advertising exec and current Team Sky consultant Simon Rose, Velo Club is for anyone who likes to get experience the sights, scents and textures of the island while getting a great work out. There are challenging mountain bike tracks all over the island which it is difficult to find without a local guide, plus beautiful scenic road routes. Whether you are an expert cyclist or just want to see Ibiza in a relaxed way, Velo Club can create a tour just for you.

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