From July, Residents of the Balearic Islands will be able to travel between Islands for €20

Residents in Spain already receive a 50% discount on flights within Spanish territories.

Why has an additional discount been added for Balearic Island residents?
Local government are want to encourage greater connectivity between the islands, more sharing – and also promote competition between airlines and shipping companies… Price rivalry between competitors in turn, helps to keep costs down, and all this works in the interest of the consumer – the people who live and work and contribute to the Balearic Islands above all else.

So what’s happening now in the Balearic Islands?
The local government of the Balearic Islands’ Department of Mobility have arranged new subsidy for local residents, which means they will be able to travel between all four Balearic islands (by boat or plane) for no more than approximately €20 each way.

What is a subsidy?
A subsidy is a sum of money/or grant usually paid by a government to secure a particular service/or terms of a service. In this case it’s been paid to private air and sea tour operators to keep tickets prices down for residents.

How can this happen?
Due to the already existing 50% discount for Spanish residents in general, the new subsidy will mean that the price for travelling between the Balearic Islands will range between €18 and €22.5, if the airlines maintain their rates and do not use the new discount of 75% to raise prices. The fare per trip can never exceed 22.5.

Airlines that operate between the Balearic Islands have a fixed maximum of €90 per single journey. So once the new 75% subsidy is applied, residents of the islands will have to pay no more than €22.5 for the basic single fare journey between each island.

What if the airlines raise their rates?
Unfortunately, regional government can’t technically force airlines and shipping companies to keep their rates down, however they want to protect travellers against companies taking advantage of the tariff and rising their prices by remaining vigilant and monitoring prices so the passengers don’t have to pay more.

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