Ladies Wine & Design June Event

This is ‘Ladies, Wine & Design’s’ second event in Ibiza. This time they will gather in Art Projects Ibiza gallery to talk about the importance of empowering other women through positive work. Why it’s so important and how we can do this?

Who will be speak?
The chat will be lead by superhero curator Heather Harmon. Please bear in mind that this time the chat will be only in English.

Who is Heather Harmon?
From gallerist to writer, Heather has been working in the arts industry for over 20 years. When her job managing international art collections all over the world brought her to Ibiza, she became one of the most influential figures on the island’s cultural scene. Through her work with KCM Fine Arts, Lune Rouge and Art Projects Ibiza, she helps keep the local arts motors running all year round. 

When and where is the event being held?
On the 29th of June. Events starts at 8pm but we usually allowed a bit more time for everyone to arrive and enjoy the chat from the beginning. The event is in Art Project Ibiza gallery – next to IKEA. It’s important to register themselves as there are only 10 seats available. If interested, send your name to

Events still to come:
July Chat
The July edition will be done by Ibiza journalist, Laura Arambarri, of Diario the Ibiza. The question we’ll address is; ‘Do men still dominate national newspaper journalism?’ Laura will show to us an insider’s eye on the topic, with real case studies and how content of a newspaper changes depending on whether there’s a male or female chief editor. Event will be held in Library Sa Cultural of Ibiza town, from 8pm.

August Chat
The next one in August will be hosted by Ibiza based cinematographer, Helher Escribano, in her studio in Ibiza town. This night is all about movies and female empowerment.

Both chats will only be in Spanish.

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