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Top Tips for Photography in Ibiza

Whether you’re an amateur photographer looking to get some holiday snaps – or you’re perhaps wanting to organise a professional photo-shot in Ibiza… Here are some top tips for getting a great shot, here on the White Isle…

Plan your location
Probably the best reason to shot in Ibiza is to take advantage of the natural beauty of the island; one of the most stunning backdrops in the Mediterranean – the island is full of great locations for shoots… take a read of 5 Stunning Sunset Spots in Ibiza, for some tips. Don’t forget to plan ahead in terms of timings, take into consideration how long it will take you to arrive at each location and what time of day it will be most quiet, not too packed with tourists, and have good light.

Find a great Photographer
If you’re not planning to the photo-shoot yourself, or don’t already have a professional photographer lined up, try Ibiza Wedding Guide’s Photography Section. This lists the very best professional wedding photographer’s on the island – via this portal you can review their portfolio’s to see for yourself, even if it’s not a Wedding Shot you’re looking for, through this site you can find photographers who also have other specialities… The best part about using a local photographer, is that you can take advantage of their island knowledge, they will be able to recommend great locations and ideas that you might not have thought about.

Shoot at Dusk
Many photographers from all over the world will argue that dusk is the best time of day to shoot any subject. But this is especially true on the White Isle, as there is something truly magical about the light in Ibiza at dusk. As well as the practicality of avoiding the blazing heat during the summer days in Ibiza, you can also take advantage of shooting at the slightly cooler time of sunset.

This Facebook group Ibiza Photographer’s is a great way to network – find other professional and more amateur photographers, to get the inside track on the best photography tips on the island, whether it’s locations, equipment shops, or community photography events – this group is a great jumping off point

Find a Great Hair and Make-Up Artist
Whether you’re using a model for your shoot, or if you want to be featured yourself for some kind of special occasion, getting a local hair and make-up artist on board could be essential for the end result of the final look. The beauty (no pun intended) of using a local hair and make-up artist is that they will understand the climate here and the elements that the skin and hair will be exposed to when shooting outdoors. Check out Ibiza Wedding Guide’s list of the best hair and make-up artists on the island.

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