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Etamanel Crystals Shop Just Opened in Santa Eulalia

Mother, daughter and husband team, who bonded over their mutual love of mysticism and nurturing energy have opened a new family business, Etamanel Crystal’s, in Santa Eulalia.

Image Courtesy of Etamanel

What do they offer?
Inspired by their travels in Mexico whilst reflecting the Ibiza mentality, of respect for nature and energy, Etamanel has created a peaceful space for you to come and enjoy an array of unique crystals, fossils, blended botanicals, decorative minerals, and other energetic decors for the home.

They also offer a variety of holistic consultations and healing therapies. They specialise in energetic decor because they believe that the spaces in which we live and work influence our energy and levels of tranquillity, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Another of their specialities are psychic tarot readings, using the centuries old techniques of intuition, hearing, feeling healing and sensing; a reader will harmonise into the energy of their client and they will receive and relay information about them.

They intend to help others with their own personal journeys, so that both their inner and outer worlds can be a co-exist in calm magical beauty and wisdom. Inspired by the renowned magic of Ibiza, they offer a little bit of sparkle to what already is one of the most mystical islands in the world.

For Etamanel Co-Founder Lydia, crystals and energy have always been a passion, “I recall my fascination with crystals from an early age. I remember my mother reading a book on stones and minerals and it just seemed so magical. The glittering colours and mystical shapes on the front cover seemed alive to me and I was so excited when my mum and aunt took me to buy my first crystal.”

Where can I find the store?
Visit their website here:

Or find the store here:
ETAMANEL 15 Calle Marià Villangómez, Santa Eulaia del Rio, 07849

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