Asadors – best grill restaurants in Ibiza

One of Ibiza’s best authentic food treats is a meal at an asador (grill restaurant). Traditional Ibiza food was based on what was available on the island: fish, vegetables, chicken, lamb and goat. Preparation was simple, with meat and vegetables alike thrown on a sizzling grill. This style of cooking lets the delicious flavour of the food shine through. Here are six superb asadors to try.

Where: Carretera de Sant Joan, Km. 15 07812, 971325082

Don’t be fooled by the petite exterior of this converted finca. Step inside and it mysteriously expands to reveal an large interior garden with an enormous open grill. You can easily lose hours here, sipping red wine and enjoying plates of paper-thin Spanish ham and tangy cheese while you wait for your steak or lamb chops.

Where: Carrer de Pere Sala, 3, 07800 Eivissa, 971 30 12 02

Ibiza has no shortage of picturesque restaurants but this asador just off Plaza del Sol in Ibiza Town is one of the most charming thanks to its exquisite garden. The oasis of overgrown with trees sprinkled with fairy lights feels truly enchanted. For authentic Ibiza flavour, order the spit-roasted rabbit.

Where: Carretera Sta. Miguel, Km. 3,5, 07814 Santa Gertrudis, 971 19 75 16

If you want island-reared meat, this is the place to go. Can Caus has its own farm, so the lamb, chicken or goat is as local as it gets. They also make their own delicious cheeses, and serve a wonderful grilled vegetable platter, but really, this is meat-lovers’ heaven. The mixed grills are famously generous, with a succulent mix of sausages and meats.

Where: Carretera de Es Canà, km 2, 07840, Santa Eulalia, 971 33 92 71

This relaxed restaurant between Santa Eularia and Es Cana is a year-round favourite with grill enthusiasts. In the winter, cosy up to the indoor fire. In the summer, take a table on the porch where you can watch the grill-maestro at work. If you love beef, the ox steak special (for two) is a memorable meal.

Where: Camí de S Pla, 2, 07816 Sant Mateu, 971 80 55 99

One of the joys of Ibiza is exploring its tiny villages. Even though the island is small, each outpost has its own unique atmosphere. The Sant Mateu valley is farmland, home to vineyards and almond orchards. Es Camp Vell is the perfect country restaurant: welcoming, generous, with fantastic fresh food and a spacious garden to enjoy the afternoon sun.

Where: Av. d’Isidor Macabich, 9A, 07820 Sant Antoni, 971 34 78 67

There are many ways to cook a great cut of meat, and this Sant Antoni staple excels at them all. Grab a table in the peaceful back garden to enjoy grilled fillet steak or Iberian pork. Or try the slow-cooked rack of lamb with rosemary, red wine from the wood oven. From the chef’s stove comes grilled tuna marinated in coconut milk and basil, pork in hoisin sauce and the house burger.

What’s your favourite grill restaurant? Share in the comments!

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