Ibiza charities: Care4Cats

Care4Cats is U.K. registered charity dedicated to improving life for Ibiza’s cats. The charity is a labour of love started by Angela Collins in 1999. Along with a team of volunteers and supporters across the island, and around the world, Angela has helped hundreds of cats find loving homes and been instrumental in neutering thousands more. It is an amazing organisation that is especially busy this time of year. Here are 10 things you need to know about Care4Cats and five ways you can support their good work

What it does

Care4Cats primary mission is to trap, neuter and return (TNR) feral cats to their colonies. Un-neutered females can have three litters per year of 5-6 kittens.

  • C4C trains volunteers to safely and humanely capture feral cats in order to neuter them.
  • C4C has sterilised around 16,000 cats since it was founded.
  • C4C ensures that when feral cats are neutered they are also wormed, and a small tip taken from the left ear, to identify them as sterilised. After recovery, they return to their colony.
  • C4C treats sick and injured cats, enabling them to return to their colonies.
  • C4C rescues and fosters abandoned pets. This is a huge problem in Ibiza, especially at the end of the season when people leave the island.
  • C4C works with local vets to offer low-cost care packages to people adopting cats. Adoptive pets can be sterilised, vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms for a €50 donation.
  • C4C facilitates adoptions all over Europe, including to the U.K., Germany and Holland.
  • C4C volunteers will transport pets to their new homes abroad.
  • C4C facilitates around 200 adoptions per year.

How you can help

Donate. Donations help buy food, pet carriers, fund vet treatment and support the organisation. Click here.

Volunteer. Volunteers from on and off the island help TNR feral cats and provide other support, such as administration or transporting kitties to new homes. Click here.

Foster. If you love cats but can’t adopt you can always provide temporary shelter for animals awaiting adoption, or recovering from an illness. Click here.

Sponsor. You can make a regular donation to fund the care of a particular cat. Click here.

Adopt. If you want a cat and have time and space to care for it, why not adopt? The majority of cats available for adoption are loving, healthy pets abandoned by previous owners. I adopted my gorgeous cat via C4C and cannot imagine life without her! Click here.

For more info:

Web: http://care4catsibiza.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibiza.care4cats

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