Knitting – a new autumn hobby

Cosy socks and sweaters are essential for cool Ibiza autumns and winters. Have you ever thought of making your own? Instead of picking up another jumper from a shop, you could craft your own with nothing more than a pair of knitting needles. Knitting has become popular in recent years as people rediscovered the joy of hand crafts. There are few things more satisfying than taking a ball of yarn and transforming it into something you, or a loved one, can wear. Knitting is also relaxing and a great way to stave off boredom. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Essential equipment

Knitting needles: It’s best to start with medium-gauge needles, 4-5mm in diameter

Yarn: Choose a medium weight yarn. As it’s your first project, a nice acrylic is fine. Save more expensive wool yarn for once you’ve gain some confidence.

Pattern: It’s probably best to begin with something simple like a scarf. The pattern will help you get your rows and stitches right!

Know the lingo

There are two basic kinds of stitches, the knit stitch and the purl stitch. In knitting patterns these are abbreviated as K or k = knit stitch, P or p = purl stitch.

The Craft Yarn Council has a helpful list of other terms you might find on a knitting pattern. These include:

Optional equipment

There are a few items to help you get to grips with knitting. These include:

  • Small Scissors
  • Books
  • Stitch Markers
  • Small Tape Measure or Ruler
  • Knitting Needle Gauge
  • Yarn Gauge Guide
  • Tapestry or Darning Needles


The only way to learn is practice. If you happen to have a knitting-expert friend to hand, ask for a few lessons. If not, your best friend is YouTube. There are loads of knitting tutorials online, ranging from very beginner to advanced. One we like is a slow-mo introduction to basic knit and purl stitches, which allows you to watch closely exactly what you need to do.

Once you’re comfortable with that try this how to make a scarf tutorial. It will take you step-by-step through your first knitting project!

What’s your favourite autumn hobby? Share in the comments!

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