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Moji’s Animal Sanctuary is a charity that aims to make the island as safe and healing for four-legged creatures as it is for two. Ibiza is a refuge for many people, but can be a difficult place for animals. Transient lifestyles, neglect, or simply ignorance of proper care can lead to dogs, horses, cats and other animals being mistreated or abandoned. Fortunately, one man with a passion for animals took it on himself to change that. This is the story of Moji’s.


Moji’s was founded back in 2008 by Abraham Barroso Sabino. Though he works as a bartender, he is a qualified animal behaviourist, caretaker and trainer. He started the sanctuary, which is located on the road between Sant Llorenc and Sant Carles, in order to provide a refuge for animals. For almost ten years, he has worked with tireless dedication to maintain and expand the sanctuary, funding it with his own money and donations.


Moji’s is home to dogs, horses, pigs, cats, goats, guinea fowl and more. Among the more common inhabitants are horses that have been rescued from neglect, dogs and cats abandoned by owners who moved away, and animals who have suffered injury or stress. It strives to accept every animal in need of a safe, happy home.


Moji’s does far more than just feed and shelter. Abraham is a gifted trainer and behaviourist who helps animals overcome trauma and trains them so they can interact with people and other pets. In addition to working with rescue animals, he raises funds by offering his services professionally. The third element of his work is education: he regularly visits schools and invites children to the sanctuary to teach them how to care for animals.


Over the course of years, Moji’s has developed a community of loyal supporters. It hosts regular events and fund-raisers throughout the year to help subside the expense of caring for the animals. Moji’s also has open days where people can visit to see the animals and learn more about the work. Kids are welcome.


Simply feeding and housing all the dogs, cats, horses, etc is expensive, not to mention that many have additional needs for vet care, medications and so forth. Moji’s is entirely funded by Abraham’s work and by donations. Donations of money are always needed, as are items like food, blankets, toys, pet carriers and more. Visit the Facebook page for latest information on fundraisers and activities, and to make a donation. If you have a specific question or would like to help, you can contact Abraham via email or phone.

Contact: Abraham Borroso
Email: Abraham637@hotmail.com
Phone: +34 636 324 977

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