Winter hobby: Scrapbooking

Long winter evenings are the perfect time to pick up a new hobby, or reminisce about happy memories. Why not try an activity that combines both? Scrapbooking is a hobby that is easy and enjoyable for everyone from children to grandparents. You can scrapbook solo, as a family, or get together with friends for a scrapbooking party. Here’s what you need to get started.

If you are new to scrapbooking you might wonder if “scrapbook” is just a fancy name for a photo album. In truth, scrapbooks are far more than just picture books. They allow for all sorts of memorabilia and encourage you find new ways to capture and share your memories. A great way to get started is to sit down and make a list of favourite events or occasions you would like to preserve. These might include weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or events like graduation, or getting a new job.

Once you have a few ideas for scrapbook topics, you’ll need the material to make them. Most scrapbooks are bound albums with plain paper sheets. Look for ones with acid-free paper that will protect your photos. You can also buy page protectors to keep your scrapbook in great shape. Tags, labels, photo corners and pockets are all accessories that will help you personalise your scrapbook and preserve and present your memorabilia. Glue, scissors, good quality pens, glitter, ribbons, and other embellishments add pizazz and personality to your scrapbook.

You have an idea about your topics, you have the equipment, now it’s time to get inspired! Pinterest is a terrific first resort for creative ideas about how to make a scrapbook. Dedicated hobby websites like are crammed with thousands of ideas about themes, arrangements, colours, and styles to get your brain buzzing.

When you first sit down with everything for your scrapbook (photos, drawings, ticket stubs, wedding invitations, postcards, etc) you’ll want some time to get things in order. Maybe plan your first session for an afternoon when you have the house to yourself! It’s a good ideas to find a space where you can spread out all your materials so you can get organised and experiment without kids or pets romping through. You can use post-it notes to tag pages with a list of what will go there, allowing you to experiment with the layout before you commit to gluing anything to the page. Once you have the outline of your scrapbook, you can start adding materials in whatever order you like. Some people prefer to do everything by category, such as putting in all the photos first; others will complete one page at a time, getting each perfect before moving on. Find your own rhythm and what works for you.

At least half the joy of scrapbooking is sharing them with friends and loved ones. Set yours in a place of honour and encourage visitors to browse through it. Or jump on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram to share your work of art with the world.

What special occasion would you make a scrapbook about? Share in the comments!

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