LAW Gin – quality and taste from Ibiza

Ibiza is world famous for it’s beaches, night-life and tolerant, cosmopolitan atmosphere. Not so well known, however, is the fact that a gin (that’s quality and taste are also on a world-class level) is produced here too. It’s called LAW Premium Dry Gin, and not only is it distilled and bottled …

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Found a nice restaurant in Es Canar

Brisamar is a family run restaurant located on Es Canar beach. The restaurant is the perfect spot for a day at the beach as they are open every day from 10am to 1am. In the morning you can indulge yourself with a tasty breakfast and their relaxed atmosphere. At lunch …

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2nd edition of Ibiza’s first Real Estate App just launched

The Ibiza real estate company GHL – Gould Heinz & lang has just launched the 2nd edition of Ibiza’s first Real Estate App. Contents include updated objects, additional information to the 1st edition, interviews and news from Ibiza’s off-market. As a potential new property owner, by downloading this App you will …

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Christmas Cliff Jumping

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit, join Ibiza Cliff Diving for their annual Christmas Jump from the rocks of Sa Punta in Talamanca. At the 13th of december, from 13:00h, there will be gluhwein and cookies, and if that doesn’t get you in the jolly mood, for …

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Spain could be ruled by Podemos

A CIS survey has confirmed what was already an open secret. The rise of Podemos is a reality and the party led by Pablo Iglesias is already to be taken into account when analysing the possible end of the bipartisanship that has historically kept the PP and the PSOE in …

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The five keys to the rise of Podemos as a political force

Despite only having been in existence for eight months, Podemos is currently the main force in voting intentions, supplanting the PP. The party, led by Pablo Iglesias, gave notice in the last European Parliament elections, where they won five seats thanks to a basic but effective campaign. This success is …

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Six Ibiza schools rework their language courses

Six Ibiza schools, out of a total of 52 in the Balearics, have reworked their language projects just 15 days after the annulment of the TIL decree by the TSJB. There are four Ibiza schools (CEIP Jesús, L’Urgell, Sa Joveria and Sant Jordi) and two colleges, the IES Sa Blanca Dona …

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