Thursday, April 27, 2017

Andi Hofer

Going Bananas: Smart guide on How to Grow Bananas in Ibiza

My first contact with banana plants in Ibiza… …was back in 2007, when a good friend introduced me to his huge plants behind his house. ‘They are originally from Costa Rica’ he said, as I had never seen such enormous plants before. On top, there were huge flowers, with real bananas! ‘How do you manage to get them to flower, …

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Hippie for a Day: A Trip to the Flea Market in Sant Jordi

Winter in Ibiza – winter, really? What this actually means is that the island is stripped down to about 150.000 citizens, the possibilities on how to spend your weekend are limited, especially during the day, at some point you have walked all the beaches and done everything you did not have the time to do so during summer. Whereas, the …

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The Pursuit of Happiness: Don’t Pursue Happiness, Just Be It

Happy Ibiza Inspiration… ‘Happy people in the morning’ was one of the strongest quotes our beloved Space Night Club ever published on the Space CD from 1999, mixed by Carl Cox. And man, that was almost an understatement – the early days of Space, when the legendary terrace took off on Sundays: starting in the morning and going well into …

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Ibiza Forever: What Happens When you Decide to Make Ibiza your Home

Where it all began… It was in the early 80’s when I first set foot on this island, the parents of my best friend were part of the so-called ‘Jet set’ movement, wealthy people that travelled the globe via jet plane, originally motivated by participating in social activities but it became more and more a term for rich people showing …

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