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With the change of seasons everything slows down a little bit in Ibiza. During the summer months we’re lucky to have time to skim the Diario so it is a luxury to be able to sit down and enjoy a good book. To inspire your library, we’ll be sharing a …

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Traditional winemaking on Ibiza

Next time you enjoy a glass of wine or two, pause to think that winemaking in Ibiza is as old as the island’s famous salt trade. In fact, wine was perhaps more important than salt to Ibiza’s first major known culture, the Phoenicians. Josep Lluis Joan Torres is an expert …

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Ibiza food: aubergines

In autumn Ibiza fields and markets are full of the rich purple hue of aubergine — berenjena in Spanish. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are fantastically versatile and nutritious. To help you enjoy the seasonal bounty, here are 12 fun facts about aubergines plus a recipe …

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Mama Fitness Ibiza FAQ

Personal training during and after pregnancy isn’t just for camera-conscious celebs. Exercise has lots of benefits for expectant and new mothers, as personal trainer Sandra Albuschat knows from experience. Sandra created Mama Fitness Ibiza to empower women navigating the physical and mental changes of pregnancy and post-partum. With more than …

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Knitting – a new autumn hobby

Cosy socks and sweaters are essential for cool Ibiza autumns and winters. Have you ever thought of making your own? Instead of picking up another jumper from a shop, you could craft your own with nothing more than a pair of knitting needles. Knitting has become popular in recent years …

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4 Steps to Perfect Soup

Soup is wonderful. It is simple to easy, healthful, inexpensive (except for lobster bisque) and you can make plenty for leftovers. In other words, it is the ideal family food for autumn and winter. Assemble your essential cookware then¬†follow these 4 steps to perfect soup. Step 1: Soup starter kit …

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Drawing: How to get started

Once upon a time, before Instagram, before cameras, drawing was considered an essential part of a good education. After all, it was the only way people had to capture the look of a sunset, or a tree, or a friend’s smile. We’re lucky to have lots of ways to record …

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Ibiza – Five Sacred Spaces

Ibiza is renowned for its spiritual side. Through the centuries it has been home to many cultures and faiths including Greeks, Romans, Moors and Catalans which left their stamp on the island. The name itself references Bes, the Phoenician god of music and dance. To experience the spiritual life of …

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Asadors – best grill restaurants in Ibiza

One of Ibiza’s best authentic food treats is a meal at an asador (grill restaurant). Traditional Ibiza food was based on what was available on the island: fish, vegetables, chicken, lamb and goat. Preparation was simple, with meat and vegetables alike thrown on a sizzling grill. This style of cooking …

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