Richard Lawson

Fresh election looking ever more likely

Spanish politicians have a month left to negotiate a governing deal that will avert a fresh general election in June, but the more than three months that have elapsed since December 20th have taken their toll on all the main parties. The fragmented scenario that emerged from that vote forced …

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Hibernation ends in Cala Llonga

It’s all change in the ‘not so sleepy’ seaside village of Cala Llonga this Spring as the local bars open their doors to welcome in the new season. The first of the ‘not so newcomers’, Andy and Lorraine, held the opening party for their new location ‘The Terrace’ last moth …

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You would be amazed how many people have eaten this most famous of Spanish dishes, yet do not know where the name originated. And this being a Saturday night, it seems the perfect time to fill them in… The name is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘para ella’ meaning ‘for …

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