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Ibiza Sabor 2017 – Autumn Food Festival

Foodies take note – the fall edition of “Ibiza Sabor” is back – from 16 of October to 10 of December! These gastronomic days are planned to celebrate the authentic taste of Ibiza. Although the island nature and vivid nightlife are known all over the world, its gastronomy and the …

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Ibiza food: Squash

Driving through the countryside in Ibiza this time of year you will see fields dotted with different kinds of squash. They grow like proverbial weeds on the island, providing a bounty for autumn and winter cooking and eating. Here are 10 fun facts about squash, plus a recipe. Squash is …

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The most Instagrammable breakfasts in Ibiza

If you love breakfast as much as we do, you will be happy to know that Ibiza is in the middle of a food revolution! Say goodbye to plain continental breakfast and basic Spanish tostada with coffee. All over the island are popping up hip cafés to satisfy your cravings …

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Iconic Ibiza food: Citrus

One of the nicest flavours of Ibiza is a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, but citrus fruit is more than just a breakfast treat. The island is dotted with orchards that provide delicious oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit, which you can enjoy fresh off the tree, or in a range …

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5 Charming Chiringuitos in ibiza

A laid-back beach bar (or chiringuito as they’re called in Spain) can turn a good beach into a great one! More relaxed than a beach club and generally rough-and-rustic in style, once you find one you like, you’ll want to keep going back. Ibiza has no shortage of beaches, with plenty of them featuring …

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Go to Ibiza: Eat Mexican

Ibiza is home to a few great independent Mexican restaurants, meaning they’re not big chains and you can’t find them anywhere else in the world yet, so if you fancy trying something different and spicy while you’re in Ibiza, check out these home-grown Mexican restaurants. Taco Paco Where: Santa Eulalia, …

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Best Beach Lunches: Chiringuitos restaurant guide

Eating at a chiringuito (beach restaurant) in Ibiza is one of the best treats of summer. When you are sitting in the breeze, looking over the sparkling turquoise sea, breathing in the salt air it is hard to imagine anything more pleasant. The island is dotted with hundreds of beach …

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Iconic Ibiza foods: queso de cabra

One of the most delicious meals in Ibiza (and a staple for vegetarians) is ensalada de queso de cabra—goat cheese salad. The mix of fresh greens, tomatoes and carrots topped with a slab of just-melted grilled cheese captures the freshness and flavour of the island. Queso de cabra is a …

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