Thursday, April 27, 2017

Eat and Drink

3 Great Places to Eat in Ibiza for Under 10€

Comida de San Juan Where: Carrer Montgri 8, Ibiza Old Town, 07800 When: Monday – Saturday 1:30-3:30pm & 8:30-11pm About: Comida de San Juan is a must visit if you are coming to Ibiza… Expect: a long queue at the door, to share your table and to be encouraged to free up your table when you’re done eating – but all …

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Where to get a Good Full English Breakfast in Ibiza

Project Social Where: 22 Calle de Lorenzo, Santa Eulalia del Rio When: Daily from 9:30am About: Just €8 for a Full English Breakfast with tasty sausage, fried egg and all the trimmings, in Santa Eulalia’s coolest new hang out! The Ship Where: 3 Placa S’era D’en Manya, San Antonio Abad When: Daily 12pm About: A classic full English in Ibiza’s most classic English bar – …

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Where to Get a Traditional English Roast in Ibiza

Short days and recent cold snap in Ibiza making you a little homesick? Fear not – here is a list of places you can warm your cockles with a nostalgic traditional English Roast every Sunday! The Olive Tree Where: Carrer Cantabria 40, San José When: Every Sunday 2pm-6pm About: Reservations are advised to avoid disappointment at this popular Sunday Roast spot… …

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The Big Breakfast on a Sunny Morning

In the nightlife capital of the world, it’s inevitable that sometimes the most important meal of the day is slept through… But now it’s winter there’s no excuse not to check out these Ibiza breakfast favourites… Box 7, Marina Botafoch, Ibiza Where: Passeig de Joan Carles I, 39, Ibiza Opens: From the 1st of November to the 1st of March, Box 7 will …

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Specialist Supermarkets in Ibiza

Most people agree that one of the most magical things about Ibiza is it’s mix of visitors and residents from around the world. There are a wide range of restaurants to choose from the offer global cuisine, however if you prefer cooking at home, there’s no need to order the food that you can’t find in the ‘bog standard’ super-markets …

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Ice Cream, You Scream Ibiza

No one can deny that August in Ibiza is truly here, and it’s a scorcher! So why not cool down with our a tasty ‘Ice-Cream-Stop’ recommendations…. 5. Ice Cream Point (Cala Vadella) Cute, family-friendly, and reasonably priced – Ice Cream Point, in Cala Vadella serves a range of delicious flavours – but the best part is, it’s in the perfect …

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5 Authentic Chiringuitos in Ibiza

In it’s purest and most traditional form, the word “Chiringuito” a would have referred to a small, often temporary building – (usually dedicated to the service sector) normally at a beach – that’s purpose is to sell snacks, food and drink. We all know that the new Ibiza now entertains many great “Chiringuitos” of the fancier variety – all beautifully …

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9 Nice Alternatives Things to see and do in Santa Eulalia

One of the great things about the little island of Ibiza is it’s love independent business. While some of the most well-renowned brands that originated in Ibiza have now go on to claim worldwide success, the little island still plays host to a gaggle of small yet mighty independent traders. Infamous for saying “NO” to some of the heftier fast …

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Bryony’s Rich Kitchen has arrived

Some of the finest moments to be experienced on Ibiza are often those that you least expect and which don’t involve vast expenditure. The nightclubs and beachfront restaurants garner global publicity but, as nice as they are, the memories that most readily spring to mind involve a simple table in a field surrounded by fellow immigrant residents, who we may …

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Nimmo’s Wild Rover settles at last…

Saint Patrick’s Day has been something of a non-event in Santa Eulalia for as long as anyone can remember. Sort of on a par with the Queen’s birthday or Saint George’s Day… But that all changed this year with the opening of Nimmo’s Wild Rover in the town’s port on March 17th. March can be bleak for those looking for …

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