Thursday, April 27, 2017


How much of tomorrow’s eclipse will be visible from Spain?

Tomorrow, shortly after 9 am in the Iberian peninsula —and weather permitting— the skies will host a show that will be visible from all over Europe. The new moon will cross in front of the sun, slowly hiding its disc to create a total solar eclipse for nearly three minutes. While the best views will be from the Faroe Islands …

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Central Spain hit by a 5.2 magnitude earthquake

An earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale has shaken central Spain. The tremor, which had its epicentre in Albacete province in the southeast of the country, took place at 5.16 pm local time today and was felt in several regions, including Madrid, Valencia, Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha, Spain’s National Geographic Institute (IGN) has confirmed. It described the magnitude of …

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Balears Diu No regrets the EU’s inaction on illegal oil prospecting surveys

The platform Balears Diu No has bemoaned the fact that the European Commission’s Directorate General for the Environment “wants to shelve” the subject of surveys and close the case initiated following a complaint by the group opposing oil prospecting. They recalled that last summer when illegal surveying in the Balearic Sea was discovered to have taken place in 2012 and …

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Brussels promises to intervene if Madrid gives way to the surveys

The European Commission will intervene in the event that the Ministry of Environment issues a positive declaration of environmental impact and thereby gives the go-ahead to the search for oil in the Gulf of Valencia, near to the coast of the Balearic Islands. The President of the Consell de Ibiza, Vicent Serra, explained this after yesterday’s meeting in Brussels with …

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Spain: a nation of sun, football, bullfights — and the crisis

The economic crisis has officially joined bulls, football and sunny weather as one of the most common images of Spain in the minds of foreigners. The finding is part of the Image Barometer survey conducted by the Real Instituto Elcano think tank and released today. The poll asked people in 10 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Maghreb region of …

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Two clandestine vehicle workshops dismantled in Ibiza

The Guardia Civil and local police in Sant Antoni de Portmany, have dismantled two clandestine vehicle workshops in the municipality. According to the Guardia Civil, the discovery began during research into the death of a 77 year old woman last January 17th, during which agents collected information about two locations where vehicles were allegedly, secretly repaired. After checking that the vehicle …

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Congress paves the way for oil exploration in the Mediterranean and the Canaries

The House of Congress today refused to ask the Government to suspend permits for prospecting in the Mediterranean and around the Canary Islands, as requested by the PSOE, the Plural Left (IU-ICV-CHA), CiU and the Grupo Mixto. The House voted down a motion agreed between the Socialists and the leftist coalition demanding that the Executive revoke the concessions granted to …

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Snowfall in León brings an unexpected visitor to the village of Prioro

The village of Prioro, in León, has seen plenty of snowfall during the recent snap of cold weather that Spain has been suffering. But for resident Óscar Montero, the weather brought the biggest surprise of his life: when he looked out of his front door on Saturday, a bear cub was staring back at him from the snow-covered steps. “At …

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Forest fire near Port de Sant Miquel under control

Earlier this afternoon firefighters brought a forest fire under control in the area of ses Torres, one kilometer from Port de Sant Miquel. Its flames had spread rapidly, fanned by the strong wind blowing across the island today. Although firefighters say that it is now under control, they add that it is still a work in progress. Extinguishing the inferno …

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