Monday, March 27, 2017


Spain braces itself for 100km/h winds

The national weather service, AEMET, reports that a low pressure system approaching from the North Sea is due to hit the Iberian peninsula and Balearic Islands on Thursday, bringing wind, snow and rain that won’t let up before next Wednesday. The worst of the storm will be felt between Thursday and Sunday, when winds are expected to gust upwards of …

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Mar Blava Alliance insist that Hydrocarbons Law must be reformed

The Alliance Mar Blava has reiterated the need for in depth reform of the ‘obsolete’ Hydrocarbons Law to “eliminate the promotional nature of the search and exploitation of hydrocarbons and transform it into a standard that prioritises environmental criteria.” They say that the Act should specify the declaration of the Spanish Western Mediterranean as an oil exploration free zone, which …

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The PSOE-Pacte denounce Platja d’en Bossa “utter neglect”

PSOE-Pacte councillor, Rafa Ruiz, has demanded that the mayor, Virginia Marí, give “immediate and urgent action” to the area of Platja d’en Bossa, which is in a state of “absolute abandonment. The neighbours, according to Ruiz, have made clear their desperation, “despite having contacted the Ayuntamiento on numerous occasions “virtually” none of their requests have been met. The area could …

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Technician plagiarises 2007 environmental impact report

The external technician hired by the Consell d’Eivissa for the environmental impact report on the sa Coma Motocross circuit project copied a report made by the company DUNE ISLANDS SL that had been conducted in 2007, for the project to reform the Sant Miquel road. On December 2nd last, the administrator of the Environmental Consulting firm, Bartolomé Planas, warned the …

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Sant Joan PSOE propose acquisition of Balàfia tower

The Sant Joan Socialist Group has proposed the acquisition by public institutions of one of the houses and towers near the hamlet of Balàfia, which they say is currently for sale. The secretary general and Socialist candidate for mayor of Sant Joan, Pep Torres ‘Peret’, said that they “were interested in the possibilities of public acquisition of this property,” he …

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Talamanca residents denounce the outfall situation

The Talamanca Neighbourhood Association is collecting documentation and preparing the ground for the filing of a complaint against the Attorney Abaqua and the Conselleria of the Environment for crimes against the environment, against public health, and for the economic damage caused by the breakage of the outfall. Last year, the outfall was broken three times (twice during the season). “We’re …

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Industry Ministry hide drilling project information

The Mar Blava Alliance has accused the Ministry of Industry of not allowing information on the Seabird oil exploration project in the Gulf of León to be made public. The Alliance are demanding that the opening period for claims against the Seabird Exploration project be made available to all citizens. Mar Blava explained that on January 8th they received a …

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‘Amore i Odio’ kiosk should be dismantled this week

The Consell de Formentera announced yesterday that it has obtained the first two favourable judgements for breach of contract against tenants, notably 370/2014, of 15 December, Marcos Negron, and 495/2014 of 23 December, Riusados SA. Nine other proceedings are ongoing. Of these, one has been withdrawn and two have been resolved in favour of the Consell. The rest are awaiting …

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Negative reports should stop oil prospecting

The president of the Consell de Ibiza, Vicent Serra, said today that “we are in line to get a negative Environmental Impact Statement” in relation to the surveys conducted by Cairn Energy in the Gulf of Valencia, near to the coast of Ibiza. Serra met the Secretary of State for the Environment, Federico Ramos de Armas, in Madrid to address this …

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Ibiza had 22 wildfires in 2014 burning 18 hectares

The Balearic Islands have experienced 101 wildfires that have burned 64.4 hectares in 2014, the second lowest affected area figure of the decade and just above the 44.9 acres that burned in 2008. 59% of the fires were caused by negligence or accidental causes; 27% were intentional; 10% were initiated by natural causes; 2% had an unknown origin and 2% …

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