Monday, March 27, 2017


The storms cause havoc on the coast

Storms and high winds in the Pitiüses have caused havoc around the coast, with several boats breaking free from their moorings and left stranded on the beaches. In addition, establishments with outdoor furniture suffered badly during the first winter storm to rage across the islands. Many had to recover their furniture from the sea. The storm continued throughout Saturday, but …

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The residents of Talamanca require urgent replacement of their sewage outfall

The residents of Talamanca are calling for urgent replacement of the sewage outfall in Talamanca. The president of the Association of Residents of the area, Josep Colomar, yesterday expressed outrage after the third breakage of the summer. “We are tired and want an immediate solution,” demanded Colomar backed by the full board and the president of the Hotel Federation of …

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Kuhn’s lawyer says he has “the paperwork to present his complaint” against the president of GEN

The lawyer representing Matthias Kühn, the majority shareholder of the development company that has been using the island of Tagomago for tourism purposes, went to Court yesterday to file Mr Kühn’s request for compensation for libel against the president of GEN, Joan Carles Palerm, who did not appear. “I’m not a hundred percent sure that the court will grant it, …

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“Urgent and immediate” repair of the Talamanca sewage outlet requested

The Sub-committee on Planning of the Ayuntamiento de Vila, created to find a solution to the problems caused by the sewage outlet near to Talamanca beach, met today for the first time and agreed to urge the Balearic Ministry of the Environment and the Agència Balear de l’Aigua i la Qualitat Ambiental (Abaqua) for the “urgent and immediate” replacement of …

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‘NO OIL’ the aero-grafiti created by Forteza

10 by 20 metre letters and a 25 by 35 metre dolphin are part of the ‘agro-grafiti’ created by Vicent Forteza in very close proximity to the airport. “The idea came to me two years ago when I made my first picture with the message ‘Salvem el parc’ for people to see from the airplanes, and that was baptised with …

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Demolition of the illegal mansion of Puig d’en Serra begins

The demolition of the illegal mansion of Puig d’en Serra, located near to Es Cubells, has started today with preparatory work for the machines that will demolish the building, as a result of a court order to demolish made in 2004 and ratified in 2006 by the TSJB. During the morning, workers of the Erri Berri SL company, who were awarded …

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The PP reiterates that aerial spraying was appropriate and legal

The deputy of the Partido Popular, Virtudes Marí, today defended aerial spraying against the Pine Processionary moth as “correct and legal”. Therefore, “citizens of the Balearic Islands can rest assured that their health is not being endangered.” For this reason, Mari said that the GPP does not support the motion, filed by the Socialist Group, urging the Government to exclude …

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The Deep-sea anglerfish on video for the first time

On November 17th the scientist Bruce Robinson led a diving expedition, with an underwater vehicle remotely operated by Doc Ricketts in Monterey Bay, when he met an amazing deep sea anglerfish, about 580 metres below the ocean surface off Monterey. Robison said: “This is the first time we’ve captured this fish in its natural habitat on video. Monkfish, like this …

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Each Ibiza resident produces 800 kilos of rubbish each year

The Ca na Putxa landfill is 45% full, so the Consell d’Eivissa have predicted that if waste generation continues at its present pace, the Ibiza landfill could reach full capacity in 2030. The Regional Minister for the Environment, Pepa Costa said yesterday that 101,099.95 tonnes of waste were deposited in 2013, of which 40% were recyclable. “This 40% of waste …

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Mar Blava welcomes the prestigious US NGOs to the Alliance

The Alliance Mar Blava has welcomed the prestigious US-based international organisation, Natural Resources Defense Council, on joining the Alliance and thus combining forces for a Mediterranean sea free of oil exploration. The Natural Resources Defense Council is an international non-profit organisation for the defence of the environment with more than 1.4 million members and online activists. Since its inception in …

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