Ibiza Outdoor Work-Outs & Activities

Ibiza’s natural beauty makes it the perfect place for outdoor workouts. After all, why would you go to the gym when you could be in the fresh air, swimming in the sea or hiking along a pine-scented forest trail? Whether you are a resident or visitor, joining a group activity …

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Gluten-Free Ibiza: Shopping

Knowing where to shop is essential if you or someone you know is gluten intolerant or has coeliac disease, a serious auto-immune disorder triggered by gluten. In Ibiza, we are fortunate to have a wide range of wonderful local food products such as fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese, that are …

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Ibiza Retreats – Come and set your spirit free

If there’s something we all love about Ibiza, it’s the spiritual power of the island. With this powerful, nourishing character, it’s no surprise that the island has become home for many yogis, healers and therapists from all over the world. The yoga scene on the island is buzzing, and a …

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Companies require their staff to lie to Labour Inspectors

“Labour inspectors will visit us today or tomorrow. Managers should make sure that staff members who work more hours than they are contracted for are not visible during the next couple of days.” This is one of the instructions issued by the Human Resources department of a hotel company in …

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How to get a suntan

The initials SPF are there for all to see on every single bottle of sunscreen, but 77% of Spaniards do not know what that acronym stands for, according to a recent survey by cosmetics company Avène. SPF means “sun protection factor” and the number after it helps you to calculate …

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The SATSE Nursing Union claim that Ib-Salut are blocking internships

The SATSE Nursing Union has claimed that since last April Ib-Salut has been blocking the granting of internships as health professionals on Ibiza and Formentera, whereas they are being granted by Primary Care Management in Mallorca. The union laments the “unfairness” occurring between different areas, because it discriminates against the …

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