Thursday, April 27, 2017


A giant compass for UFOs built in Ibiza by the founder of Cirque du Soleil

The stone circle that has mysteriously appeared on the island and caused much speculation since its arrival does indeed have a connection with UFO’s. The macro-sculpture was commissioned by the billionaire Guy Laliberté and stands in front of his house, close to Cala Llentia on the west coast of the island. Guy Laliberté, the billionaire founder of Cirque du Soleil, …

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Pedestrian traffic lights installed at last on the road through Ca na Negreta

The Consell de Ibiza has completed work on the installation of two traffic lights on the stretch of road from Santa Eulalia to Eivissa through the neighbourhood of Ca na Negreta, one of the hotspots of Ibiza’s road network. Traffic lights have been placed next to the bus stop in the neighbourhood and each has a button enabling pedestrians to …

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A new anti-terrorism plan for Spain

The National Security Council (CSN) will hold its first meeting of the year on Friday, when it is scheduled to analyse a government plan against jihadist activities in Spain. The National Strategic Plan to Fight Violent Radicalisation was drafted by the Interior Ministry to try to curb the recruitment of Muslim combatants on Spanish soil by terrorist groups such as …

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Spain to negotiate turning Morón into a US base for anti-jihadist operations

The Spanish foreign and defence ministries will negotiate with US authorities over converting the Morón de la Frontera air base into a permanent centre of operations against jihadism. The Cabinet greenlighted the negotiation on Friday because bilateral security relations with the US were “one of the most important” issues for Spain, said Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría at …

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Hoteliers welcome regular Air Europa Palma-Eivissa flights

Yesterday the Association of Hoteliers in Ibiza and Formentera (FEHIF) positively assessed the news that Air Europa will start flying inter-island routes from May, with 12 daily flights (six round trips). Moreover, the service will be maintained throughout winter as it is to be a Public Service Obligation (PSO). The entry of this company into the market between islands will …

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Air Europa’s inter-island flights begin in May with 12 flights a day connecting Ibiza to Palma

The president of Globalia, who own Air Europa, Juan José Hidalgo, announced yesterday that they will begin operating inter-island flights from next May, “Virtually everything is ready for us to begin to operate from Palma to Ibiza and Mahon in May. Entry into these inter-island routes mainly benefits the citizens of the Islands, because it creates more competition, more choice …

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Minister Biel Company admits that pirate taxis are difficult to catch

The Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Territory, Biel Company, admitted today that it was proving “difficult” to solve the intrusion of pirate taxis on Ibiza, a problem that the manager of the Business Federation of Balearic Transport, Salvador Servera, described as “endemic”. Company said, after a meeting between the Consell and Balearic Transport to discuss this problem, which is of …

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