Monday, March 27, 2017


Repair work begins on Vila’s roundabout pavements

Repairs to the pavements along the inner ring road (E-10) will begin today and are expected to take three weeks. The work will take place on the three E-10 ring road roundabouts (the rotondas de Juan XXIII, Multicines Ibiza and the Comisaría de la Policía Nacional) at a cost of €34,573. During these works users are informed that each of …

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Work to begin on improving the Ca Marí water tank

On Wednesday the Consell Insular de Formentera and the concessionaire of the integrated management of water on the island, Aqualia, will begin work on improving and maintaining the Ca Marí water tank. They announced in a joint statement that, “the work involves the installation of some stairs to the plastic shell in order to enter and execute maintenance, and to …

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Locals insist the solution is to change the outfall

The residents of Talamanca have spent a decade trying to change the submarine sewage outlet into their bay. The president of their neighbourhood association, Pep Colomar, contends that the actions the Government intend to carry out before the tourist season starts “are simply patching up the problem and a waste of money that could be avoided”. The measures being proposed …

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US wants to station elite Marine squad in Andalusia permanently

The United States is seeking permission from Spain to convert its temporary presence at the Morón de la Frontera air base, in Andalusia, into a permanent arrangement. The site would become the centre of operations for the US rapid-response unit dealing with crises in Africa. In a letter sent last month, US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel explained to Spanish …

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Taxi app Uber closes service in Spain in wake of judicial order

The car-sharing and taxi application Uber has closed its service in Spain after a judge ordered it to cease all activities on December 9th. The head of the company in Spain, Carlos Lloret, announced the decision that the US firm has taken, saying: “We want to respect the law and we have decided to halt the service.” On December 25th …

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Are Spain’s courts fit for purpose?

Seven years of sustained economic decline, made worse by government indifference and public spending cuts, have had a disastrous effect on Spain’s court buildings, and by extension, the country’s judicial system. Bathrooms are filled with piles of folders and evidence; broken windows are taped over with cardboard; power cables are strewn across floors; shelves are buckling under the weight of …

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Santa Eulalia reiterates their opposition to the asphalt plant

In the plenary session on Tuesday, the mayor of Santa Eulalia, Vicent Mari, highlighted the Ayuntamiento’s position in rejecting the Ses Planes Quarry asphalt plant project “as we believe that it is the wrong area”, and recalled that the Government, who have the last word, will “always” act within the law “to defend the interests of the people.” Mari also …

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Skype app to offer simultaneous translation during video calls

Can two people understand each other without speaking the same language, and without the aid of an interpreter? Telecommunications app Skype is putting the technology in motion to make that possible. The next update to the service – still without an official release date – will allow you to speak in English to someone else speaking in Spanish, and vice …

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Google News goes through with decision to shut down service in Spain

Today Google has carried out its decision to close its Google News service in Spain in response to the country’s new Intellectual Property law, which from January 2015 will force it and other similar news aggregators to pay a charge to publishers for indexing and using fragments of their stories. People will still be able to search for Spanish articles …

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