Where’s the King’s Day party? (and when?)

Despite our large Dutch readership, and our affinity for this particularly friendly group of European island co-residents, we don’t yet have a Dutch representative on the island. Nonetheless, reportage is the most important part of our function so we’ve pulled out all the stops this week in pursuit of King’s …

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Bar Can Cosmi opens again as the sun comes out…

The Bar Can Cosmi in the heart of Santa Eulalia has had a major makeover. In fact the makeover has been a little more drastic than originally planned as a load-bearing wall collapsed during the work! Nevertheless, the results are so striking that you’ll have to pay special attention when …

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“Google me” Art gallery opening

This is the unlikely name of an exhibition that celebrates the opening of a new art gallery in Santa Eulalia on Monday April 6th between 4 and 8 pm. The gallery is being opened by a certain Kevin Sharkey, who can indeed be easily found on Google (rubbing shoulders with …

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