Thursday, April 27, 2017


5 Things to do in Ibiza When it’s Raining

Oh no! It’s raining in Ibiza! Don’t panic – here are some nice indoor activities, so you can make the most of a grey day… Sports Cafe, Ibiza Where: Playa D’en Bossa About: Even if it’s raining in Ibiza, the Sports Cafe in Playa D’en Bossa still is a great place to hang out, relax and catch up on your …

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5 Free Events in Ibiza this October

Now Ibiza is getting quieter and closing parties are almost at an end, it’s time for the island to breathe a big sigh of relief and put on some freebies for the residents and workers as a thanks for all their hard work this summer – so here’s a breakdown of 5 ‘no entrance fee’ events for this October… 5. …

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Closing Parties Ibiza 2016: Watch this Space

It’s been a long hot summer this 2016 in Ibiza, with more tourists visiting the island than ever before and temperatures reaching record highs this September – but all good things must come to end and each fiesta at each club must have it’s closing party… This year, there’s is no contest over which club in Ibiza will have the …

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Ryanair celebrate Brexit with new restrictions on Brits

Anyone booking a flight with Ryanair recently will, no doubt, be amused by this email that they’ll receive after they’ve booked their flight to that outpost once known as Europe… Fortunately, once they arrive they’ll fnd that hospitality here is still as it ever was…

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Cervantes celebrations take over the Spanish Congress

The bell ring announcing the start of Thursday’s session in Congress was followed by another very different sound. It was the sound of violins, violas, cellos, a harpsichord and a double bass belonging to the La Spagna orchestra, which played fragments from Georg Philipp Telemann’s Suite Burlesque de Quixotte. Actors and musicians filled the Spanish Congress to observe the 400th …

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Bryony’s Rich Kitchen has arrived

Some of the finest moments to be experienced on Ibiza are often those that you least expect and which don’t involve vast expenditure. The nightclubs and beachfront restaurants garner global publicity but, as nice as they are, the memories that most readily spring to mind involve a simple table in a field surrounded by fellow immigrant residents, who we may …

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Bringing non-EU goods into Spain can be a major headache

It all seems so easy when you’re on holiday somewhere exotic and the shop assistant tells you that the transport costs are all included in the price. Or when, sitting comfortably at home, you buy something online with a simple click of a mouse. But increasing numbers of Spaniards who buy goods from non-European Union countries – 12% of the …

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Balearic Parliament announces a new inspection plan for tourist rentals

The Minister of Tourism, Biel Barceló, today announced in the Balearic Parliament that an inspection plan is to be “coordinated” to control irregular tourist vacation rentals on the islands, with the participation of the four Councils and the Balearic Government, through the Ministry of Tourism and the Tax Office. “It will be the first time there has been an inspection …

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Unease over corruption among Popular Party ranks

The continuing corruption cases affecting the Popular Party (PP), and the leadership’s response to them, are creating a climate of discontent in traditional conservative bastions like Madrid and Valencia. “How do you explain this to people?” said one highly placed member of the Valencian PP bitterly. Although the official party line mandates a show of unity around its leader, acting …

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British daily ‘The Independent’ to terminate print edition after 29 years

The British newspaper The Independent will close down its print editions in the coming month of March. News of the closure was announced today by the publication’s owner, Evgeny Lebedev. The last edition of the daily – which is the youngest of the major British titles, having been founded in 1986 – is likely to roll off the presses on March 26th. …

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