Movistar offer the slowest connection to Netflix users

Netflix, the online streaming content provider, has released a ranking of Spanish telecoms companies based on the broadband speeds available when users connect to the entertainment service. The ranking list focuses on prime time (8pm to 11pm, according to the US-based company), and shows that Movistar offered the slowest average …

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Marijuana joins the election agenda

Just weeks after Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled to let four citizens grow and consume marijuana for recreational purposes, around 50 Spanish associations are asking Spain’s political parties to open up a national debate on the same issue. The request, made by an umbrella group called Regulación Responsable (Responsible Regulation), comes …

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Emerging Ciudadanos party plans attack on two-party system

The strong performance by emerging political force Ciudadanos (Citizens) at the Catalan elections on Sunday will have prompted other party leaders to raise the bar ahead of the upcoming Spanish general elections, due to be held in December. With 25 seats in the regional assembly, up from nine, Ciudadanos has …

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