OMG – Brexit! The official line…

For any Brits out there planning an imminent escape to Little England here a are a few words of comfort from our local rep… Statement by HMA Simon Manley, British Ambassador to Spain, on the outcome of the referendum Simon Manley, British Ambassador to Spain, today issued a statement to …

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Fresh election looking ever more likely

Spanish politicians have a month left to negotiate a governing deal that will avert a fresh general election in June, but the more than three months that have elapsed since December 20th have taken their toll on all the main parties. The fragmented scenario that emerged from that vote forced …

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Unease over corruption among Popular Party ranks

The continuing corruption cases affecting the Popular Party (PP), and the leadership’s response to them, are creating a climate of discontent in traditional conservative bastions like Madrid and Valencia. “How do you explain this to people?” said one highly placed member of the Valencian PP bitterly. Although the official party …

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Sanchez and Iglesias negotiate proposal to form government

The leaders of the PSOE and Podemos, Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias, respectively, have today spoken about forming a “plural and progressive” government. The conversation was cordial and both have agreed to maintain contact in the coming days on the need to reach an agreement to form a government of …

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Socialist leader dismisses Podemos deal over Catalonia

Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sánchez addressed his party this morning, saying that he would “work his fingers to the bone” to try to deal with the demands for a “shift to the left” that Spanish society expressed at the December 20th elections. But, he said, he would not do …

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An English guide to the Spanish election

The general election of December 20th is already being viewed as a game-changer, no matter what the outcome. This is because, for the first time since Spain embraced democracy in the late 1970s following the Franco dictatorship, two emerging parties are posing a serious challenge to the Socialists (PSOE) and …

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